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WMR Style is a company that cares about people's well-being. Their products are made with materials and ingredients that protect skin and hair. The materials used are satin, silk, and natural oils. WMR style offers satin lined hats. Soon they will be adding to their collection satin night bonnet, silk pillowcases and hair serums. Their products are sold mainly online. ​

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Our purpose

Our mission is to offer satin and silk accessories as well as natural products to customers wishing to maintain healthy hair and skin while protecting them.

WMR style wants to expand and be creative. By being involved in the community and supporting causes, they are an innovative company that creates accessories and natural products for all, but also for people with health issues that can feel that a designer cares about their well-being.

Since the beginning, WMR style has been conscious of the well-being of its customers and they are committed of making this a priority.

They are involved in various causes linked to chronic illnesses.

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