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Marjorie Rimpel propriétaire de WMR Style

My name is Marjorie Rimpel and I am the owner of WMR Style. In 2012,  my health was very fragile. After taking several tests, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2013. I've tried several medications that caused undesirable side effects , among them, losing my hair abundantly. I wanted to cover my head during cold seasons and be chic at the same time. I couldn't find any product on the market that would allowed me to preserve and slow down the breakage and be stylish. I did several researches to design a product that was going to meet my expectations. The combination of a warm beanie which satin was attached inside became the ideal solution for me. This fiber allowed me to no longer experience friction and hair pulling when taking my hat off. Once the prototype was designed, the idea of marketing the product to the general public came up. After all, this product can be useful both for a person dealing with an illness and for someone hesitant to wear a beanie.

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