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Style your way into comfort!

WMR Style was founded by 2 sisters passionate about fashion, Wedline and Marjorie Rimpel.  Their motto “Style your way into comfort” confirms their strong belief that elegance and comfort should be part of any style.

Their journey in fashion began when they wanted to continue wearing a tuque during cold seasons without having their hair clung into the wool fibers while avoiding dry, tangle and damage hair.

Through their 2 years of research and development they worked with several experts to create a high quality product. They tested and improved a dozen prototypes. TUQSAT is a unique satin lining beanie in the market! It prevents split ends, keeps your hair hydrated, maintains your hairstyle and brings a sensation of softness.

Their products are made for women, men and children. Everyone can wear them. The benefits of TUQSAT are impressive for the people with fragile, curly, frizzy, thin, damaged hair. They are committed to provide reliable quality products that take into account customers’ concerns.  Their products are made in Canada and are mainly available on the website.

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Profesional and Outstanding Ideas of our passlonate team makes us unique in every sense.

Wedline Rimpel WMR Style

Wedline Rimpel


Marjorie Rimpel WMR Style

Marjorie Rimpel